Why Hyperlongexposure ? 
I've been a keen photographer for many years now. And living in the French Alps as a landscape photographer the opportunities for amazing images are countless. The mountains, valleys, waterfalls and the lovely small towns just create the perfect combination for wonderful photographs. And we see them by the hundreds daily. I wanted something different. And I found it courtesy of an image created of San Francisco 100 years ago combined with how that same location appears today. Once I'd started trying to learn how to create similar images I became passionate about the full process. The search for the old images, and then discovering the location, trying to find where the original photographer stood and then the post-processing to combine the two images. I discover so much about the location courtesy of these images, things I would have never learnt otherwise.
And why do I call it Hyperlongexposure photography ? Experienced photographers will be familiar with long exposure photography where an image maybe captured over multiple seconds or even minutes. My images may have taken 100 years to complete !

More insight on Hyperlongexposure photography can be found on my companion site
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